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Sound Pick-Up Casing for Denon DL103

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New developed bronze casing, reusable and milled from the solid.

By this modification, the inherently great sound pick-up system of the DL103 is even improved. The excellent acoustic characteristics of bronze are exposed by the elaborate form and the just-right weight of 14grams.

Details within the whole frequency spectrum can now be appreciated and dynamic is enhanced considerably. This is also caused by the safe, defined generator fastening.

LignoLab produces this casing on modern four-axis CNC machines. To complete the service for the DL103 fan, we also offer the modification of costumer's systems. In addition, we offer the DL103 casing in aluminum for light and medium-weight tone arms. The appeal of this casing lies in its stability at a weight of only 5.5grams. It is appareled with an M2.5 fastening screw thread and is fixed beneath the head shell with the supplied bolts. This way, an inherently great sound pick up system can be improved significantly. The casing can be reused without any problems, should the generator be changed.

The price of the bronze casing without sound pick up system is 279 EUR incl. 19% VAT

The price of the aluminum casing without sound pick up system is 249 EUR incl. 19% VAT

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