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The Bench

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This rack was mentioned in Image HiFi as part of a system by Auditorium 23 and was presented by Roland Kraft as "The Bench" - so we just kept the name.

The Bench is a complete system designed to hold the full audio equipment. It consists of the actual rack and especially developed low frequency dampers. It is offered in several versions, e.g. Type FU 100 Matrix LF with ready-to-varnish top surface from 9mm birch wood, allowing individual surface design.

The second version is FU 100 Matrix with the same surface, sealed with two-component lacquer-coat. The third type, FU 97, consists of 90mm spruce-multiplex as core material. Its frame is made of 3mm birch ply wood and the surface veneers from ash tree, maple, beech or cherry tree sealed with two-component lacquer coat.

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