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About LignoLab

Welcome to LignoLab.

Since the formation of the company in 1990, founder and proprietor Norbert Gütte has taken up the cause of creating and manufacturing high quality electro acoustic products. For this purpose he started a joinery with all the necessary machinery.

In 1984, his development was shaped by the French HiFi-publication L'Audiophile and the interaction with Keith Aschenbrenner. At that time, both of them executed sales and distribution of the magazine and the therein described assembly set products, such as the triode amplifier Western Electric 300B in the German-speaking regions.

Among other things Norbert Gütte developed the well-known Rondo speaker, the HiFi furniture element The Bench and the especially adjusted low frequency damper D172. As his most recent product, the oscillatory table TT100 has lately been presented.

Detail improvements, such as the bronze casing for the DL103 sound pick-up system which is milled from the solid, belong to the portfolio just as the conception and manufacturing of the Verdier Plinth does. The service range is amended by full room acoustic concepts.

Several historic speaker casings, sand-filled 4- and 15-part cellular horns and complete speaker solutions, derived from L'Audiophile, were realized especially for efficiency-increased loudspeakers. Furthermore, a Tweeter-horn from solid bronze is offered.

The workshop grew continuously, in 2002 location had to be changed to bigger premises in order to exhaust production potential. In 2007 a large CNC-machining-center was added to the facilities. Additionally, access to all metal machining, as well CNC controlled, is now possible anytime. This makes perfect production and processing of components from various materials possible.

The trademark LignoLab is registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.